10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

‘Fat shaming’, the new word added to the online Oxford dictionary has been a trend lately especially with the rise of social media where everyone has an opinion whether educated or not. Women have been shamed for revealing their boobs while breastfeeding and now in a ridiculous twist of events…body shaming has extended to pregnant women with one such attack against TV Presenter Janet Mbugua Ndichu.

Apparently some viewers are not too pleased with Janet being on TV and reading news while pregnant. One viewer tweeted, “Just wondering why Janet Mbugua must newscast in that condition. Never seen it before on Kenyan TV but me thinks it’s gross.”

I think bumps are beautiful and body shaming a woman who is pregnant whether a celebrity or not is insulting the whole female population, including your own mother who gave birth to you. Whether a woman is in that ‘condition’ as some choose to call it…bumps give life and kudos to the female celebrities who have chosen to show off their pregnancies ignoring the critics and celebrating their new body shapes.

Here are 10 Kenyan celebrities who chose to embrace their bumps

1. Fashion Blogger Silvia Njoki
Clebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

2. Former Tahidi High Actress Jacqueline Mwangi aka Jolene

3. Songstress Size 8
 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

4. Fashion blogger/Stylist Nancie Mwai
 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

5. TV Presenter Janet Mbugua

Celebrities who rocked baby bumps
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6. Comedian Teacher Wanjiku
 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

7. Radio Presenter Talia Oyando

 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

8. TV Presenter Betty Kyalo

9. Machachari actress Sharon Mutuku known as Sophia
Celebrities who rocked baby bumps

10. Radio host Rachel Muthoni aka Mwalimu Rachel.
Celebrities who rocked baby bumps

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