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10 annoying publicity stunts celebrities should not carry into 2021


I believe many of you will be nodding as you read this list, simply because tumechoka nao.

20202 has been the year that famous people in Kenya have pulled a fast one on us, only for it to turn out that it was a project they were working on

Let’s hope they read this and just STOP IT.

1. Breakup stunts

This one got so many of us upset. Most recent was Bahati and Diana pranking Kenyans into believing they are done with each other. It was shortlived as they need to quickly release a new song  dubbed ;Mtaachana Tu’.

2. Throwing shade at each others projects for clout – making a public announcement that you don’t want to anything anymore to do with so and so in tweets especially makes us feel damn for supporting either of you.

3. Leaking tapes

4. Fake meltdowns: Surely, must an exciting story be created to get the bored viewers to tune into the show once again?

5. Fake marriage – Dear celebrity when we find out it was all an act, we lose interest and your next project will be a flop.

6. Fake engagements. We feel totally used and it’s annoying when we have a breakdown of your clout chasing

7. Using your children for creating drama – C’mon guys children are a no no when it comes to seeking publicity.

8.Leaking your own music – Then acting shocked that this awful incident has made you rethink working with your music producer and now you have to go back to studio to work on news song again.. Tunawajua please.


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